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Birthdate:Jan 24
Location:Moscow, Idaho, United States of America
I'm deliciously random, in case you couldn't tell from reading the stuff I post. I go off on tangents--often. And I have mental mood swings. I can go from happy and optimistic to brooding and sulky in a matter of minutes. But I'm lovable. I own a vivid imagination, and a good heart. I'm a shoulder to cry on, if you need it, and I'll try and offer my best advice. In a nutshell, I think I'm a good person--not to be egotistic, or anything. Blargh. Oh, and I like to ramble, too. Just a bit. So I'm gonna stop now. Yeah. Just like that.

OH. I'm a music major at LHSOM, working on my second year. Whee, college! I play flute, saxophone, funstuffyay. I write music, but you'll never hear any of it ever because it's crap.

Uhm... I think that's it. Yeah. Gonna shut up now. Chyeah.

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